Aqua-Squid featuring patent-pending Tentacle Cooling Technology - "T.C.T" - is a unique and state-of-the-art cooling product.
It can be used in sports and fitness, at the beach and even the medical field.

Stays Cool & Dry

Stays up to & 20° cooler than its surrounding environment! Absorbs sweat and removes heat from body with no dripping.

People love it!

"This product is a knockout!"
-Joe Cortez - Hall of Fame Boxing Ref

"The Aqua Squid will change sports."
-Carlos Ivan - Boxing Olympian

High Quality

Made in the USA, by hand, with eco-friendly products whenever possible. Comes with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Aqua Squid in the pool
Great for a hot day at the pool

Holds water without dripping.

Aqua Squid in the boxing ring
Approved by the Nevada Athletic commission

Being used in the ring now!

Aqua-Squid is a unique state of the art product that we are very excited about. We have spent hours designing and perfecting it.
It has evolved into what it is today due to perseverance and strict determination to put out the best product possible.
We want to thank everyone for their support! One of our patriotic goals is to see the Aqua-Squid used in the 2016 Olympics!


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