Aqua Squid

What makes the Aqua Squid great

The Aqua Squid's power is in its amazing materials, design and structure.

The Aqua Squid is made of a unique material called PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). It's conformed with a mesh scrim for added durability and strength, but has no surface fibers which makes it ergonomically safe and desirable.

It is also resistant to most chemicals and unharmed by grease and oils.

Basic use and care for your Aqua Squid

Simply activate with cold water. Gently wring it out so the Aqua Squid will not drip. Shake to activate T.C.T and feel the cooling sensation instantly.

When you're finished using the Aqua Squid simply machine wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.

Aqua Squid